6876 x Clarks Originals Film

  The dérive is the first step toward an urban praxis, a stroll through the city to understand the ‘psychogeographical articulation of the modern city’. A project to mark the release of our project with Clarks Originals which brought together

Black project #5 Film

As part of the Black project Arco jacket release with C’H’C’M & Harris Tweed we decided to shoot a film in Glasgow with Brian Sweeney who has worked with the brand for many years. Brian was also instrumental in introducing

6876 YouTube Channel


6876 x Regent

Film by Donald Milne & art directed by Kenneth Mackenzie of 6876 portraying the Classic and hand crafted nature of the Regent factory in Northampton which manufactures Rsix. Music Fete in the rain (6876 version) by July Skies © A.Harding/R.Glover

Rohan x 6876 film

Film shot in Norfolk May 2011 by 6876 and Donald Milne as part of the 6876 x Rohan project.