The sudden change of ambiance in a street within the space of a few meters; the evident division of a city into zones of distinct psychic atmospheres; the path of least resistance that is automatically followed in aimless strolls (and which has no relation to the physical contour of the terrain); the appealing or repelling character of certain places — these phenomena all seem to be neglected. In any case they are never envisaged as depending on causes that can be uncovered by careful analysis and turned to account.

 Guy Debord, Introduction to a Critique of Urban Geography

Photography Mae Mackenzie

Location: London & Margate


Product : 01

The first ever Six Eight Seven Six garment (circa 1995) re-produced at our factory in North London.

This Pullover military influenced shirt with concealed half placket, flap breast pocket and manufactured in Fil-a-Fil 100% cotton.

The design and construction of this style have been faithfully re-created whilst updating the fit and fabrication which was a staple cloth of late 1990’s and early 2000’s Six Eight Seven Six

Made In England and a total of 50 garments have been produced



Craigowl jacket

Its well over ten years ago that I started to investigate the idea of evolving the classic British workwear jacket & over a few seasons from around 2001-2007 6876 played with the composition,detailing and fabrication.

We moved from 100% natural fibres,garment dyes and eventually to proofed cotton before the genre subsided until there was a version in our Cashca collaboration more recently.

Still I felt there was something else that I wanted to achieve which was a summer version that was very lightweight, yet robust and with good technical capabilities. This all came together when I sourced a fabric from a regular and progressive supplier ;FOV in Sweden well known for supplying many of the premium technical brands.

Kenneth Mackenzie February 2018

The Craigowl jacket with large full front lower pockets and one envelope entry chest pocket.

Fabric : 96% Polyamide and 4% Lycra micro Ripstop

Tech: Quick drying,Airtech and DWR finish

Manufactured in Portugal

Storm Jacket

Modern Studies staple jacket manufactured in 100% Italian Polyamide twill fabric with a DWR finish.

Technical information:

Storm cuffs and pockets, extended back neck flap and drawstring cord at the waist.

Lampo two-way centre front zip and 6876 Woodcut graphic chest print

When I designed this jacket in 2003 the idea behind it was to provide within the silhouette of a raincoat type jacket a more accessible and casual type of garment by utilising a classic Harrington and exaggerating its size.

Kenneth Mackenzie February 2018

No Spectators


Guy Debord’s conceptualization of post-war ‘golden age’ capitalism as ‘the Spectacle’ found an immediate audience in the 1960s and seems no less relevant in the intensely mediated self-surveillance culture of today.

These faces are taken from an image of a crowd during a stand-off with riot police in Paris, May 1968 and were used as the basis of a series of mirrors I produced between 2009 and 2013. As t-shirts they return to the streets for 2018.

Michael Wilkinson

Collaboration with Artist Michael Wilkinson which utilises work from his book 1979 and an exhibition where the images were represented large scale on mirrors titled “Lions after Slumber” at an exhibition in Shanghai.

Michael is represented by The Modern Institute

68 JP 3 Sonora #5

Fifth edition of the iconic Six Eight Seven Six Sonora jacket which is also our first large scale “made to order” release.

A limited edition of 50 jackets were made at our premier outerwear manufacturer based in Iwate Japan.

Technical aspects:  Three layer 100% laminated nylon with seam taped interior & reverse coil zips



A Suivre Workers Council #2

In 1995 Six Eight Seven Six was launched citing the Situationist International’s ethos, student activism in Europe, The USA,Japan & the year zero explosion that was punk rock. 50 years later we are returning to Paris after a long hiatus to present our capsule Modern Studies range and after numerous requests we have decided to commemorate this anniversary with a product.

This time we’ve dispensed with the now familiar imagery that represents 68 and have produced a T-shirt with words and true to the Situationist spirit presented it in the style of a Band Tour T-shirt .

What can the revolutionary movement do today? 


What is it turning into in the hands of the parties and the Unions ?


What does it want?

The Realisation of a classless society through the power of the workers councils.

Council for the maintenance of occupations.

To be continued

Photography: Mae Mackenzie


Location:St Martins School of Art & Design


Modern Studies #9 visual

The glasgow branch of the Forth and clyde effectively feigns a right after the Majesty of Maryhill locks at Stockingfield junction, forking left at the junction you head to Edinburgh joining the union canal or you stay on the Forth and Clyde to the Kelpies and Grangemouth basin, were it meets the River Forth.

The Glasgow branch was long the scene of heavy industrialisation, visable signs all the way into the city centre at speirs wharf Port Dundas,were as now the wharehouses and Mills are home to the creative and arts industries,IT and toasted bagels, the last bastion of a bygone era can still be found on the shores of Firhill basin.

Firhill stadium home to Glasgows sleeping Football Giant Patrick Thistle since 1909,relocated from the shores of the clyde in Patrick.

Firhill 23-01-2018 : Patrick Thistle V Glasgow Celtic

Words & Photography Brian Sweeney

Project: Scottish Canals

Stapleton Pilot Cloth Raincoat

Second edition of the Stapleton Raincoat was manufactured in our London factory on a bespoke production line by someone Britain’s most experienced and skilled machinists.

For this style we used Hainsworth British Army pilot cloth which is extremely heavy and durable .515 gram 100% Merino wool

This was our first pre-order jacket made for 12 customers.