Modern Studies 5 : Narrative

I was born, raised and still live in a dirty old town. A place where everyone knows everyone. One road in and one road out. Being brought up within the nurturing warmth of a deep-running community spirit is something that

Modern Studies Tote Bag.

  Tote bag with Signature Modern Studies print. 270 Gram 80z Natural undyed Canvas with Red Print      

Modern Studies 4: Audio Manual

Modern Studies audio manual mixed by Kit Lawrence and Photograph by Brian Sweeney  

Brecon Ventile 18oz

Edition five of the Brecon jacket manufactured in 180z (520 gram) Canvas weave Ventile This quality has the feel of classic cotton Duck fabric and is extremely substantial UK produced custom made L24 Ventile seam tape,Lampo black oxidised zips and Italian

Cadre T-shirt.

A graphic with its roots and reference in the tumultuous era of late 60′s Paris. The representation of revolt against ruling powers when their methods become autocratic and unyielding as opposed to the current era we live in where too

Modern Studies 3: Narrative

Sometimes you get told a story that resonates with you so deeply that the meaning of the tale totally overwhelms the details. As a result the unluckiest player I can think of is a player whose name I don’t now

Modern Studies 2: Product

The first  product from Modern Studies is a signature T-shirt Organic African 100% Cotton Colourways: White/Grey and White/Blue Limited availability

Brecon Ripstop Ventile

  Edition four of the Brecon jacket manufactured in 210 gram Olive L24 Ripstop Ventile Custom made in the UK Ventile seam tape,Lampo zips and Italian cotton storm cuff rib The jacket features large distinctive half bellows front lower pockets (left

Modern Studies 1: T.O.T.H.LAND

An animation of stills taken from the project Tothland by Donald Milne. Butterburn Court and Bucklemaker Court at the Top Of The Hilltown Dundee 1971-2013. Music: Zen and the art of jollification “schadenfreude” from Sleeping Gypsy.

The Fourness x 6876 #3

Season three of our collaboration with The Fourness features reinterpretations of two classic items from the Six Eight Seven Six archive. The Haden jacket first produced in 2006 Details: Two horizontal chest pockets with angled flaps and zip openings which