Community Event #1

November 2023 we hosted our first community event at our studio in the Brunswick Centre. Featuring an Archive Exhibit , sale of current products, film screening and Scottish food & drink.

This will be a regular feature of our Community Project.

Photography : Masao Two Foundation Ltd Japan


Olmetex established in 1954 is one of our most regular fabric suppliers having worked together for over 25 years.

Based in the Como Region in Northern Italy near the Swiss border which is an area famous for silk production.

Olmetex have supplied many specialist outerwear fabrics for us over the years and during this visit we investigated various proposals for new qualities as well confirming qualities as part of our S24 Bshop collaboration in Japan.

Thompson Jacket Navy

In 2004 inspired by the books and letters of Hunter S  Thompson most notably Fear and Loathing in America: The Brutal Odyssey of an Outlaw Journalist 1968–1976″

Six Eight Seven Six  developed a collection which would reference but modernise classic American workwear styles; utilising & developing these garments with new details, trims and producing them in unique & progressive hybrid technical fabrics.

One of these styles was the Thompson jacket which we have decided to produce again  as part of our Scotland Project.  

Fabric : “Dry Wax” Herringbone 100% cotton from Dundee’s Halley Stevenson

 Corozo Buttons custom dyed by Courtney & Co 



Le Tricoteur Charcoal

Le Tricoteur for 6876  : À la Perchoine (a la per-shoy-n )

Guernsey Patois, or Guernesiais as it is known locally, is a very ancient tongue indeed. A descendant of old Norman French and developed in splendid isolation within the island it has become a true ‘language apart’.

The loss of Normandy in 1204 by the then English King John and the subsequent election by the Channel Islands to stay loyal to the English crown meant that the Norman French spoken by the islanders was destined to follow a different path to that on mainland France.

The quintessential fisherman’s jumper in charcoal Grey

Featuring a tightly woven worsted wool body with ribbing at the shoulder and side seam splits.Hand finished by local knitters trained and living on the island of Guernsey.

Le Tricoteur prides itself on using only traditional manufacturing methods handed down through the centuries.All our garments are unisex and our guernseys are reversible (they should be worn front to back and back to front on rotation)

À la perchoine : until the next time / see you again 

Cadre :

A small group of people who are specially chosen and trained for a particular purpose or profession. 

A group of activists in a communist or other revolutionary organization.

6876 Community Project 2023

T shirt & Sweatshirt

Wild Bunch x 6876

Wild Bunch x Six Eight Seven Six

A working and friendship relationship that has lasted 26 years; Neil Morris in his various projects and brands has always been a supporter and friend to 6876.

From the legendary Drooghi Magazine and subsequent store (which stocked 6876) forged in Wales to his footwear brands Veras and Wild Bunch Styles we’ve worked on projects and bonded over our Celtic roots.

Starting with a support letter to the Prince’s trust for the seminal Drooghi Magazine to the current launch of the Avilés boot manufactured in Spain the journey continues.


Premium suede upper with contrast stitching mid height boot with Vibram sole for maximum comfort and grip. Available in Black &  Whiskey colours.

Orea Denim Shirt

New version of the Orea Overshirt manufactured at our bespoke factory in London.

40z pre washed denim with cotton poplin check lining in the body.

Central chest pocket and signature cuff & elbow darts with a back box pleat

Courtney & Co buttons.