Raasay Bag

As part of our Bshop Japan  collaboration we were invited to work on our own version of a Brady Bags Established  1887 : The Raasay is an interpretation of the Brady staple the Kinross Tote : We increased the size of the bag plus adding & increasing the size of the inside pockets as well as adding our branding & unique colours: It is made using traditional triple layered water-resistant canvas, with bridle leather strap and trim, neatly finished with an adjustable cotton web strap.

Duror Jacket

January 2023 Bshop & 6876 reconvened our relationship at the studio in the Brunswick Centre HQ.

The aim to produce unique and high quality products in collaboration for predominately the Japanese market.

As the buyers studied recent and archive garments they singled out a once sampled but enevr produced modernist pullover in a light technical cloth. The Bshop vision was to slightly remodel the scale and shape and produce in Ventile which immediately raised profile of the style.

From this meeting the Duror style was born as the signature garment of the collection which also features Le Tricoteur , Brady bags and Lochcarron Scarfs.

Tartan Scarfs AW2023

As part of our A23 collaboration we have reintroduced and updated our work with Lochcarron of Scotland’s  100% lambswool scarfs. Hand printed in London  incorporating text and the 6876 original woodcut font.

Buchanan Tartan : “Madison Square Garden 26/7/1972 New York City”

Ken Buchanan v Roberto Duran WBA Light Middle weight Title Fight

Thompson tartan

” Yesterday’s weirdness is tomorrow’s reason why”

Gonzo / Hunter S Thompson : Fear and Loathing: On the Campaign Trail ’72

New York City Tartan

“Make your Mark in New York  and you are a made man”  Mark Twain

Created to celebrate Tartan Day on the 6th of April 2002, held in New York City. The tartan depicts the colourings of the streets and buildings of the city, with the green section representing Central Park. The two black stripes are to honour the memory of the twin towers of the World Trade Centre, with the blue section recognising the island of Manhattan surrounded by the Hudson & East rivers.

Le Tricoteur


Le Tricoteur for 6876 & BShop

Guernsey Patois, or Guernesiais as it is known locally, is a very ancient tongue indeed. A descendant of old Norman French and developed in splendid isolation within the island it has become a true ‘language apart’.

The loss of Normandy in 1204 by the then English King John and the subsequent election by the Channel Islands to stay loyal to the English crown meant that the Norman French spoken by the islanders was destined to follow a different path to that on mainland France.

The quintessential fisherman’s jumper in traditional deep Navy.

Featuring a tightly woven worsted wool body with ribbing at the shoulder and side seam splits.Hand finished by local knitters trained and living on the island of Guernsey.

Le Tricoteur prides itself on using only traditional manufacturing methods handed down through the centuries

Autumn & Winter 2023

BShop Japan project : Ventile Duror Jacket , Printed Lambswool Tartan scarfs , Le Tricoteur Knitwear  and a classic Brady bag reimagined. Primarily available in Japan, with a very small amount on request  from 6876.

Fullwood Jacket : Distinctive outerwear style with 4 angled pockets; manufactured utilising cotton/nylon aged ripstop with a dry wax finish.

Scotland Project : Thompson Jacket in two colours of herringbone dry wax and The Isla Jacket  produced in heavy organic cotton proofed ripstop with wool thermal lining

Wild Bunch styles : suede boots with Vibram soles continuing  the longstanding relationship with founder Neil Morris

Orea Overshirt : New version in 40z denim and check poplin tartan lining.

Plus more surprises


Cadogan Square project

Scotland Project :

Peter Scott is a Scottish artist and 6876 have worked together to celebrate Modernist Architecture & its place in Scottish life.

This led to a series of works of Cadogan Square Glasgow which have been reimagined as T-shirt graphics and produced in a limited number with hand drawn tags by the Artist

Scotland Project

Visit to the Kingdom of Fife in Scotland.

We are developing product sourced and manufactured within a twenty five mile radius as part of a new Scottish initiative.

We will be featuring our resources, partners and the artistic community in Scotland :

Image St Pauls Glenrothes

Architects : Gillespie, Kidd & Coia


Fullwood Jacket

New outerwear style for 2023 but designed in 2016 and is a direct product of the Community Project and its influence.

Fabric:  Halley Stevenson 60% Nylon 40% cotton plain 165 gram Ripstop which is water resistant and features an aged Dry wax finish

Manufactured in Portugal

Scotland Project : Peter Scott

Peter Scott is a Scottish artist & shares our appreciation of Modernism.

This led to a series of works of Cadogan Square Glasgow which have been reimagined as T-shirt graphics and will take the form of a limited edition range; however we will let Peter outline in his own words.

‘I draw buildings, particularly buildings that remind of me of times in my life and the objects and experiences I associate them with.  These times are always tied to music and politics, like an Adam Curtis documentary I endeavour to make work like a collage of contexts. 

Any aesthetic I use to create the image is an attempt to base the image in the era I associate it with.  Basic colour schemes and the halftones resonate with the brutalist concrete landscapes, a modernist utopia.  The idea of what happened lurks beneath, through the failure of our society turning them into a symbol of dystopia. Lord Anthony Jackets, Judge Dread comic books, Threads on the TV, The Smiths, New Order, My brothers Mullet and bad metal albums,  Thatcher, The falklands, My Dads Renault and cords with Clarks shoes. 

 Getting older and wiser and listening to Bowies New Career in New Town and Jon Hopkins or some Mogwai and thinking back to Shoe gaze and my brothers record collection changing from Anthrax to The The Fall and Spacemen three via Pink Floyd then the Summer of Love then  High School and not going to school but buying a ten deck and getting a bus into town.  That’s where these works come from and more.  There’s always something beautiful in boredom”.