Modern Studies #9 visual

The glasgow branch of the Forth and clyde effectively feigns a right after the Majesty of Maryhill locks at Stockingfield junction, forking left at the junction you head to Edinburgh joining the union canal or you stay on the Forth and Clyde to the Kelpies and Grangemouth basin, were it meets the River Forth.

The Glasgow branch was long the scene of heavy industrialisation, visable signs all the way into the city centre at speirs wharf Port Dundas,were as now the wharehouses and Mills are home to the creative and arts industries,IT and toasted bagels, the last bastion of a bygone era can still be found on the shores of Firhill basin.

Firhill stadium home to Glasgows sleeping Football Giant Patrick Thistle since 1909,relocated from the shores of the clyde in Patrick.

Firhill 23-01-2018 : Patrick Thistle V Glasgow Celtic

Words & Photography Brian Sweeney

Project: Scottish Canals

Stapleton Pilot Cloth Raincoat

Second edition of the Stapleton Raincoat was manufactured in our London factory on a bespoke production line by someone Britain’s most experienced and skilled machinists.

For this style we used Hainsworth British Army pilot cloth which is extremely heavy and durable .515 gram 100% Merino wool

This was our first pre-order jacket made for 12 customers.




Workers Council T-shirt

In 1995 Six Eight Seven Six was launched citing the Situationist International’s ethos, student activism in Europe, The USA,Japan & the year zero explosion that was punk rock. 50 years later we are returning to Paris after a long hiatus to present our capsule Modern Studies range and after numerous requests we have decided to commemorate this anniversary with a product.

This time we’ve dispensed with the now familiar imagery that represents 68 and have produced a T-shirt with words and true to the Situationist spirit presented it in the style of a Band Tour T-shirt .

What can the revolutionary movement do today? 


What is it turning into in the hands of the parties and the Unions ?


What does it want?

The Realisation of a classless society through the power of the workers councils.

Council for the maintenance of occupations.

6876 Woodcut Stencil Sweatshirt

Our classic 6876 Woodcut font given a stencil treatment and printed black on black. (slight sheen effect)

Released on Black Friday to be sold at Full price, no discounts and no concession to a pointless exercise by the large corporate companies that sell and produce products that ultimately have a built in margin to be able to create these false incentives

100% organic cotton

68 JP 2 Editorial

Made in Japan micro needle cord shirt in 100% cotton and Mother of pearl buttons.

This meticulously manufactured garment has support panelled chest pocket, square panel elbow protection and the interior Panels plus back yoke are constructed with fine cotton poplin

The garment has been pre washed and is sized with a European grading system.

Colours Taupe and Grey.
Photography: DK Woon
Model: Rory Mackenzie

Location: Euston city of London

Modern Studies V Neck Nano tech Red

V Neck knit based on the classic school jumper which has been knitted utilising Schoeller Nano Technology yarn (70% Wool 30% Nylon) which has a stain resistant quality.

Manufactured in Scotland with signature embroidered representation of the classic 6876 Woodcut logo on the left sleeve.

68 JP 2.

The second production from our Made in Japan series is a micro needle cord shirt in 100% cotton and Mother of pearl buttons.

Details: Support panelled chest pocket and square panel elbow protection

Interior Panels and back yoke constructed with fine cotton poplin

The garment has been pre washed and is sized with a European grading system.

 Colours Taupe and Grey.

Modern Studies 8: Knitwear

Modern Studies knitwear produced in Scotland by an authentic school garment manufacturer is the quintessential Scottish/Modern Studies  product.

This classic item has been given a new accent utilising anti Stain Schoeller technology yarn.

Pictures taken in Highbury by DK Woon and worn by Theo Gillard.